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The Callaway ROGUE

Bunker tips from Ryan

We get the season of video tips started with a short game tip out of the bunkers. Learn how to keep that clubface open throughout the swing and use the bounce to help you get through the ... See more

Congrats to our March Madness winners

After watching all of the excitement brought on by instant replay in the NCAA tourney (thick sarcasm being used), I am working on ways that we can incorporate it to our daily golf here at CCL. ... See more
If you think that what went before was fast, then you have a shock coming your way.

The greatest week of golf starts next week and with it our CCL PGA Pool

For a golfer, it is hard to argue that we are coming up on the greatest week of the year. The Azaleas will be in full bloom, and Augusta National will, of course, be amazing as ever. The season is ... See more